Marukawa Bubblegum Review

orange, strawberry, melon, and grape bubblegum

I used to love these when I was younger. They tasted pretty good though I found the amount of gum to be a bit... small. Let's see if they're any good now.

Each box contains four small gumballs. The texture is soft and super smooth, much smoother than any regular chewing gum. The gumballs are colored to match their flavor. And said flavors are pretty fruity.

Flavour Rankings:
  1. Melon is probably my favorite (I think this was my favorite when I was younger.) Unexpectedly, the color of the gumballs were white, rather than green.
  2. I liked orange. It was very flavorful.
  3. Strawberry is alright.
  4. Grape was... well, I've never been a fan of anything grape flavored.
So I suppose my overall opinion on this gum is pretty positive. Highly reccommend if you want some high quality gum.