In my own personal Discord server I made a channel for writing down my dreams. I completely forgot about it until now so here's what I wrote there. I don't remember most of these, and the ones I do, I can only visualize a little bit.

These are all from 2021.

January 17

Last night I had a dream in a (school?) Building that also had a bunch of pillars for platforms. I remember jumping from these platforms.

There was a part where I ate something but I hated the texture so I went into the bathroom to spit it out but the bathroom was all gross in a brown way so I just spit it on to the floor.

Later on me, two girls and one guy (they were my friends) went on the platforms but ended up at a road. One of the girls betrayed us and injected something into the other two but not me.

I had to take them back home and take care of them. They were sick I think. I couldn't remember what symptoms they had. There wasn't an antidote for their affliction.

They ended up being taken away because their sickness was getting too bad. Another person tried to console me about them leaving but I cried anyways.

I woke up crying

(This is the most detailed dream on the list, and yet I don't remember anything other than the bathroom.)

January 19

Last night, dreamed of making french toast with a baguette.

January 23

Last night, dreamt that Skurry was doing a hk multiplayer challenge run, but I never saw it completed.

(Skurry is a twitch streamer. HK is Hollow Knight.)

January 25

Last night, I dreamt that my friends were over at my house. We were hanging out at the front until a large crane showed up. We were told that the house will be bulldozed unless we did something.

February 17

Xenogears like plot. Protagonist was learning to control his mech (idol) with some kind of baton.

February 25

Had a dream where I started a fire with the toaster. I eventually put it out.

February 27

Went to witch school. Sister got sick and she had to eat soup. Played TF2 but it wasn't anything like TF2.

March 21

Had a dream about a zombie plague. Can't remember the details but I was launched into pinna park and saw zombies and then I swam away.

March 22

Lived in a 2 or 3 story house which was like a modified version of my current house. I lived with 3 other siblings I think (a brother, sister, and nb sibling)

March 25

Had a dream where I was playing a game which I called Outlast (it was actually A Way Out but with 3 people). At some point I started drinking a bottle of beer. And I think towards the end of the dream I was gonna make an ice cream sundae irl.

(I think "irl" is within the dream, not in *real* life.)

May 11

Had a dream where I gave my dog a bath.

June 25

Had a dream where I kept losing a game against this guy. Later on two of my friends came over and I won a game against them. I forced them to read Homestuck but things kept not working (features were missing, I kept looking up Homestuck but google keeps thinking I made a wildly different typo, Homestuck itself became wildly different from what I remember.)

They stuck around until around 9:30 pm, got frustrated, then left. I was so upset I woke up.

August 28

A large praying mantis showed up in my backyard. He kept banging on the door, asking me to let him in. Snow began falling and i felt bad about leaving him out in the snow, so i let him in.

(There was an accompanying picture.)