The theme today is School. Not a big fan of school dreams, it's always about me getting lost, or failing my classes.


I remember my school having a bunch of stairs (made getting to different classes a pain), that sort of bled into my dreams. In this dream, there were stairs everywhere. They were wideand they went up and down to nonsensical places. A few notable features: One wide escalator that led down into a basement, A giant window with sunlight filling the place (no clue if there was anything outside the window), and the lack of a floor or ceiling. I remember I was trying to rush to class but it was difficult to navigate the stairs. My friends accompanying me were disaffected, they weren't going to be late to class but I was.


Another being late to class dream. The hallway was now split into two floors. Upstairs was a narrow catwalk/balcony with lockers to the side. Downstairs, directly under it was a normal hallway. The lockers were lined up in a zig-zag sorta pattern that would make it difficult to access if someone else was at their locker. I was rushing to find my locker but kept ending up at the wrong ones. Then when I found it, I kept inputing the wrong combination into the lock.

Basement Classes

This one is not as ominous as the title implies. It was a new year so we got new classes. I had a science class up next but I had trouble finding the room. I was too scared to ask anyone for directions so I just wandered around the school. I ended up discovering the school's basement. The cafeteria was there, and directly across from it was a hallway with classrooms. I entered the first room and there was a class there for... bicycle construction? I think it was some sort of welding class as well. I checked the paper with my classes on it and turns out I had bicycle contruction class all along.