The End of the "World"

I was in an old tower with a bunch of other people. The room I was in had concrete walls, wooden rafters, at least one window, and a bed. There was a long table, and on it, two computers from the 90s. Outside the room was a hallway made of stone. The front door was close by. There was a small window high up on the wall. You could see a "bell" tower from there. The bell was actually a gong.

We got a report: The world is going to end. What's strange about this is that the "world" was actually just the town we were in. And that we could escape the end of the world if we leave the town. So we got to packing all our things right away, including the computers. I had boxes filled with computer stuff.

We didn't finish packing, but we ended up in an underground railway and we waited for the train to come. I woke up shortly after, so I don't know if we ever made it out.