warning for unsettling content?

Aug 8, 2022

Well before I had this dream, I had a different short dream. It was the title screen of a game (it has retro graphics). There was a strange red blob on the screen and I focused on it. It morphed into a skull and jumpscared me, causing me to wake up irl. I went back to sleep shortly after.

Okay onto the main dream. There was an old house. Inside that house was a "mermaid". I believe she was elderly: skinny, wrinkled, long wispy gray hairs. If you looked at the mermaid, she would kill you. If you think about the mermaid, she would also probably kill you. I was watching a YouTube video about this mermaid. I was terrified of this mermaid, and I tried my hardest to distract myself from thinking about it. I ended up in a store with my "friends" discussing the mermaid. Eventually the video showed these girls inside the mermaid house (magical girls?) They tried to fight the mermaid and failed. The mermaid revealed her true form and dismembered and ate the girls.

The scene I witnessed TERRIFIED me so much that I woke up in the dream. I reassured myself that it was a dream, still shaken up. I decided I would take my dog out on a walk to calm myself down. I avoided my grandma (was I fearful of her?) and left my house. My mom and sister were walking with me. At some point I ended up in front of an arcade machine. A game about the mermaid (retro styled graphics). I saw the part where the mermaid revealed her true form and killed the girls. But it wasn't as scary as it was in the "dream". First of all, the mermaid's true form was some snake/worm thing, not scary and super underwhelming. Instead of dismembering the girls, she turned them into larva/worm things before eating them. Gross, less gory, less scary. I woke up irl after that.