Random collection of dreams I recorded in my notes.

Sep 25, 2022

Big vertical mountain city (it looked like splatoon stage). The rules are strict. Guy tries to enter thing and gets rejected for his fake silly bands. Lightbulb shapes. Dead bodies are bagged and hung like lightbulbs

Nov 1, 2022

TV show. I was with the protagonist who was some kind of supernatural hunter. We entered a house. There was a family there with two kids. In a room at the farthest end of the house, a mosquito man entered. Protag and a girl were stuck in the room with the mosquito man. The other child (boy) stupidly entered. Protag told me to grab the children and run. I was only able to grab the girl. We went around to the other side of the house to find a window and looked in. For some reason there was the whole rest of the family was in there as well. Eventually the police came. When we entered that room again no one was in there.

Mar 8, 2023

Boy has dream that ghost girl kills various people in his life. He wakes up and finds that he is haunted/possessed by ghost girl and ends up recreating those murders.

Mar 11, 2023

A group of students are trapped in a house with no exit. They have to solve mysteries in order to escape hell(?). One of the final puzzles is discovering one of the fellow students committed suicide via demon pact and disappeared from their memory.

Mar 16, 2023

Video game? Serial killers house, bunch of teenagers were captured by creatures. I was only able to rescue 6/7 teenagers before needing to looking up a walkthrough. Somehow the walkthrough was able to rescue all of them.

Mar 31, 2023

Tried to get gas for car. Struggled to park car with it moving or being too far away. Went to counter to pay for 20 bucks of gas. When I got back to car it moved and someone else has taken my spot. I had to pick another spot. When I got gas the price skyrocketed to 100 dollars per gallon. I drove away without paying the rest.

Apr 11, 2023

Highschool art class. Had trouble finding inspiration. When to the chess club to borrow their chess pieces. Teacher gives me a massive knight piece.