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warning for unsettling content?

Apr 22, 2023

Apocalypse. A guy (let's call him Carlos) and his group of friends are watching the news about a building containing some kind of demon(?). If the doors of the building open that signals the end of the world. If Carlos' girlfriend gets pregnant, the doors will open. Carlos gets into a fight with one of his friends, takes his girlfriend and leaves.

Fast forward the news is reporting on an instance of animals mutating into monsters. I can't describe how they looked because I don't remember. A swarm of bats turned into what I think was a giant plastic laundry hamper. It created some sort of battle dome where the animals fight each other to the death. The mutated animals were very violent.

Eventually there are reported cases of humans mutating into what I can only describe as "brain squids". Brains for heads, wet tentacles for the rest of the body. They were just as violent as the mutated animals. People become paranoid that the mutations were infectious.

There was an organization that gathered people (including Carlos and his girlfriend) into buses. They didn't tell them what they were there for. They drove one of the buses into a river, drowning the people inside. The organization was killing random people out of the fear that they would mutate, without any sort of evidence. Carlos and co. escape.

Some other stuff happens afterwards: a lime green and lemon yellow colored snake grows legs, there's a movie about a mutated shark attacking a fishing boat, solid snake mutated into some kind of banana bird.

Eventually, Carlos sadly mutates into a brain squid. His girlfriend is nowhere to be seen. The building doors open.