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11-16-22 New song! Listen here!

11-07-22 Updated Worlds. It's where I'm putting my ocs and stuff, but it's still super under construction at the moment.

11-03-22 Added some stuff I made in BeepBox a while ago. Listen here!

11-02-22 Updated the Art page.
Also added new art as well.

10-30-22 Redid the homepage. Now it's distinct from the other pages!
Next up on the chopping block: Redo the art gallery.

9-29-22 Some music from 2020. Check it out here.

9-22-22 I'm sharing some of my music from 2019. Check it out here.

8-30-22 New post: Dreams 2

8-24-22 Total website overhaul! Still a work in progress.

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This is a place for my creative endeavors and experiments. You could take a look around, I suppose.

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